The idea for Kind Fools started in 2019, when Hy moved back to Buffalo, NY after several years of training with Faithful Fools. The vision and formats came together in December 2022. The first Kind Fools’ WRITE ON! workshop started in Feburary 2023. Community Canvases took on fiscal sponsorship of Kind Fools programs later the same month. During 2023, 175 individuals experienced at least one of Kind Fools’ 26 WRITE ON workshops. As Dr. Tamara observed in our first workshop, “People are hungry for this.” The average workshop included 12 participants plus a facilitator.

Kind Fools’ Vision

Expressing our truth, and having it listened to, heals us.

Kinds Fools’ Mission Statement

We feel the healing power of being present, we affirm the inherent worth in each person, and we grow through reflective action.

Recognizing each human as unbroken, we are a welcoming community of creativity, experiential learning, listening, speaking our truth, and accompanying each other.

We seek to become aware of our judgements and to break down the filters and stories that separate us from our siblings, valuing the wisdom of persons surviving oppressions and poverty.

We find our purpose on the streets and through what we have experienced, inspiring kind service in solidarity with our communities.

Contact us

Please reach out to Hy Carrel at or by phone/text at (716) 259-2725


Kind Fools is inspired by the Faithful Fools in San Francisco, CA

WRITE ON! was created by Robert-Harry Rovin around 1997 in San Rafael, CA. WRITE ON! continues in Buffalo, NY (in-person and virtually) with Robert-Harry’s active support and blessing.