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Ours Is To Let Them Be

1 minute read

The woman walks on West Ferry, asking each driver for a dollar. She may want you to listen. She may be ready to assist. She clearly wants a dollar, or five o...

Kind Fools at Buffalo SOUP

less than 1 minute read

We see each other’s hearts. We see each other’s common humanity. We venture outside our silos to learn and work together.

A Third Write On!

1 minute read

I like this! I still have wounds that have not healed, but in this environment I can get a stitch here and a stitch there.

A Second Write On!

less than 1 minute read

For our second WRITE ON! workshop, 14 persons gathered in the back event space of Hostel Buffalo-Niagara. The Hostel holds a strong sense of community, from ...

A First Write On!

2 minute read

On a chilly February evening, people began entering SolRise Farm and Cultural Arts Center. At one minute before six, all 11 chairs set up around the centerpi...

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