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WRITE ON on Tuesday June 11th at 6:00pm Sign Up/Info
WRITE ON on Tuesday June 18th at 6:00pm Sign Up/Info
WNY Trash Mob’s We Love Grant Street June 22nd 10am Details
“Heavy” Reflections part of the Civil Writes Project - Celebration 1:00pm June 22nd Details
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Recent Stories

Ours Is To Let Them Be

1 minute read

The woman walks on West Ferry, asking each driver for a dollar. She may want you to listen. She may be ready to assist. She clearly wants a dollar, or five o...

Kind Fools at Buffalo SOUP

less than 1 minute read

We see each other’s hearts. We see each other’s common humanity. We venture outside our silos to learn and work together.

A Third Write On!

1 minute read

I like this! I still have wounds that have not healed, but in this environment I can get a stitch here and a stitch there.

A Second Write On!

less than 1 minute read

For our second WRITE ON! workshop, 14 persons gathered in the back event space of Hostel Buffalo-Niagara. The Hostel holds a strong sense of community, from ...

A First Write On!

2 minute read

On a chilly February evening, people began entering SolRise Farm and Cultural Arts Center. At one minute before six, all 11 chairs set up around the centerpi...

Written at WRITE ON!

A Poem Is

A poem is a core of a thought, An idea, stripped of chocolate, just nougat.

I Have A Gemini Mind

The things and elements that intertwine and juxtapose within the frame of my own mindscape

Where Am I

Where am I? Why am I here? The fact I don’t belong is something I fear.

The Pack

Grief’s confidence and presence are unquestionable. The only way out is through and Grief will come through with you.

Inside & Outside

A running brook, stones untouched Two sides of a coin, as such I question luck

The Cure

The truth is I am my sisters’ guardian spiritually and legally


The guests continue to arrive, at all hours. Sometimes they barge in and bypass the welcome desk.

Freedom Ain’t Free

I am the torch carrier, the standard bearer, the warrior-healer, the peasant-queen.


Where I’ve met something that is all too familiar. Existing in one breath, only to be gone in the next.

The Shuffle

A disaster to clean A path to clear To trample the fears

Uniquely Human

Where I’ve met something that is all too familiar. Existing in one breath, only to be gone in the next.