WRITE ON - Home is a collaborative project for the second half of 2024

This project could be supported by ASI WNY as part of the Creative Impact Fund.

WRITE ON - Home will offer Kind Fools’ intuitive writing WRITE ON workshops using the theme of “home” with specific communities that have a special relationship with the concept/experience of home. These workshops provide a supportive and creative environment for an exploration of our individual and collective relationship with the idea, feeling, and experience of home. Three WRITE ON workshops will be offered to each of four affinity groups for which “home” will be a common thread: immigrants and refugees with interpreters, people experiencing homelessness, seniors, and anyone.

The goal of this project is to build just relationships (and a common sense of community) among people across the city, to foster confidence in self-expression and writing, and to build paths of mutual respect and understanding. Putting the comfort and emotional safety of our participants first, we seek to discover what these writers create from their lived experience. What universal truths and commonalities arise among each group’s writings? What is unique in each person or groups’ relationship with home?

For more information on this collaboration between The New York Immigration Coalition, Big Big Table Community Café, and Community Canvases’ Kind Fools, or to explore hosting these workshops with your community, please reach out to Hy Carrel at hy@kindfools.org or (716) 259-2725

Writers will be inspired by soulful and playful poems such as Rumi’s The Guest House or the following poem by our lead facilitator:

How do we build our home?

Some people build with resources and focus and planning.
They dig a hole down to bedrock.
They pour in concrete and when it dries,
they build their walls up brick by brick.
For a roof they choose something sensible
like steel or tile or asphalt.

Some people build their home out of desperation and scarcity.
Digging in the sand they push up whatever supports they can.
They scramble and exert enormous effort to create walls
and moats and the appearance of permanence,
fighting wave after wave after wave of the rising tide.

I choose to build my home with abundance.
I lay down a piece of plywood,
fastening together four more pieces of plywood
and placing a fifth on top.
Then, I paint my box blue,
so my home is bigger on the inside just like Doctor Who.