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Community Canvases’ Kind Fools are grateful for the opportunity to present our work at Buffalo SOUP’s first-ever pitch night at Thin Man Brewery on May 3, 2023.

For the 4 minute pitch, Hy pitched in the form of a poem, which he wrote during our May 2nd WRITE ON! workshop at Indigo House.

Kind Fools at Buffalo SOUP

The pitch really gets going when we break out the poetry about 40 seconds in. Next time, we’ll start with a story/poem to pull people in from the start.

Thank you to Rita, Katherine, Ian, Nate and Caroline showing up in support! Congratulations to Project Mona’s House for receiving the night’s donations to help their young women build resilience, and to the Lt. Aaron Salter Memorial Scholarship for a most moving presentation and warm presence.

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