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For our third and sixth workshops, we met online.

These workshops served as a convenient way for people around Buffalo and even around the country to write together. We did not know that the workshop would result in friendships among disability-rights advocates located thousands of miles apart.

Here are a few testimonials demonstrating the range of healing and connection that participants experience in our workshops.

Third workshop

I really appreciated the workshop, as well as the lovely folks who attended. It’s great to see such a diverse group of minds come together to create! The environment was very kind and supportive, and the encouragement and gratitude were sincere. I loved the free-write exercises, as well as the focus on “I” statements and feelings in feedback. Hy is an excellent facilitator, and did a great job of keeping everyone kind, focused, and on track. I’m deeply grateful to have been included - and excited to have finally broken through a creative block!

It was a great workshop! Met some wonderful people and really enjoyed sinking into the present moment, sometimes hard to look at all the pain but Hy created a welcoming and kind healing environment to process difficult things

Fifth workshop

I like this! I still have wounds that have not healed, but in this environment I can get a stitch here and a stitch there.

I came here to write, my obituary

Sixth workshop

Definitely was a great date night for us.

It really was a perfect date night in my opinion.

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