Where Am I

Written at WRITE ON!

Written at WRITE ON! is a series of articles written by participants during a WRITE ON! workshop, and shared with the community.

This written by J.B. Jack Licata during Kind Fools’ fifth WRITE ON! workshop.

Where Am I?

Where am I? Why am I here?
The fact I don’t belong is something I fear.
High up, head in the clouds
Expecting the phone to ring, the setting’s on ‘loud’.
Who’s going to call me? Will it be good news?
Am I going to be in trouble? Or am I just feeling the blues?

Not knowing what I’m doing, I feel like a mess
I just want to do good things, you get the gist.
Who knows if I’ll be successful, or if my plans will work
But I guess I’ll be happy, as long as no one thinks I’m a jerk.

Do I wish I was somewhere else? Somewhere warmer than this?
Or have I found the place I can finally fuel my bliss?
Never knew what I was meant for, I never got my true calling.
It’s hard to take a leap of faith, with my fear of falling.
“Who do I believe in? Do I believe in me?”
I find myself pondering, but we’ll just have to see.

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