Written at WRITE ON!

Written at WRITE ON! is a series of articles written by participants during a WRITE ON! workshop, and shared with the community.

Maura Kelley wrote this piece during Kind Fools’ sixteenth WRITE ON! workshop.

The Secret of the World

What is the secret of the world?
“it is to be silent.” she said.
just listening to this world.
Silence is the secret,
Being in wonderment and curiosity.
No spoken word needed, Just silence.

Today, seeing leaves of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Diamonds, opals, circular, triangular and even shapes with no name.
Leaves that are minuscule, medium, and large in space.
Displaying every hue of color imaginable.
The magentas, indigos, maroons, and mauve to name a few.
The leaves appear above, through, and below the trees, the clouds, and the universe.
My feelings, thoughts, judgements; separate onto itself, upon each leaf.
Every unique leaf, on its own trajectory, slowly floating down from above.
Landing on a babbling brook, a crackling creek, a rambunctious river, or on the thunderous mighty Niagara Falls.
Merging into the flow of water carrying it away.

All, in silence-yet saying so much.
Words are not needed or even privileged to describe such tapestry.
All in silence, so gentle, yet so powerful.
Carrying away my woes toward an abyss.

As is the secret to the world, is the path, the journey, I take toward silence. Toward calmness, which does not express itself, it just is.
Watching, observing, gazing at the flow of this world, silence in nature, just being true to oneself.
Not any type of noise.
Just being rhythmically and methodically in synch with my surroundings.
At last, the gift of knowing.
The Secret of the world, is Silence.
No chatter needed.

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