Freedom Ain’t Free

Written at WRITE ON!

Written at WRITE ON! is a series of articles written by participants during a WRITE ON! workshop, and shared with the community.

Iya Oyanike wrote this during Kind Fools’ October 26, 2023 WRITE ON! workshop.

Freedom Ain’t Free

Freedom ain’t free, costs are high see
Miracles are preceded by tragedy

Inward expansion, taking up space.
I am the torch carrier, the standard bearer,
The warrior-healer, the peasant-queen.
I am the barren-mother, the peaceful-power.
I walk lightly on the earth, atop the water floating.

I don’t meld. I am the stark taste
That stands out on your tongue
Fire-spitter, soothing salve
Holy & sacred, the tornado’s courage.
In humility, I gently move all opposition into its place.
Out of my locus,
My sanctity – safe.

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