Written at WRITE ON!

Written at WRITE ON! is a series of articles written by participants during a WRITE ON! workshop, and shared with the community.

Gabriel Thomas wrote this during Kind Fools’ April 9, 2024 WRITE ON! workshop.

The Enlightening Big Shadow

Big Shadow
We fell under

Cast by a piece of Mother
She lost long ago
Long ago?
A piece she still holds relatively close

That piece
Which faithfully night-lights our nights
That piece that’s always there for you
But you may not often acknowledge

That piece often forgotten…
Except maybe by poets, the sea and the feminine

But then, Lost Piece, not too too far
You demanded the attention of the masses
Even if just for a moment
Not with force
Not by blasting at us
But rather by your ability to stand between us
And that which brings life to Mother and her children

And in that moment
It is possible
That a shadow
Actually shed light
On those things often left in darkness

Birds, trees, humans
You gave us these
The reason we crossed the threshold
Of the doorway that leads
From Nothing-There to Something-There

You’re the Sun
My Sun
The reason
Bees pass the secrets of the flowers
Secrets you imbued them with upon their creation

The reason
For the color at the intersection of red and blue
The reason for color at all
Each and every hue
The reason for the serpent
Who promised wisdom

You make me new each day
You make the day
You create each spectacle I have ever seen
You are what I am in awe of

You do justice
To the beauty of the beloved
At your cresting

For why people congregate
To celebrate
The Path of the Light
You encapsulate all I have come to know of love

But that forgotten piece
Blocks you out for a split second

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